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New Equine Association set up to govern after hours facility use PDF Print E-mail

Horse riding after hours at the Lincoln County Multi-Purpose Complex may have become easier with the creation of the Equine Association.

The Equine Association, which is governed by the commission that oversees the complex, began recruiting Thursday and will become active beginning Aug. 1.

"After Aug. 1, you will have to be a member to use the arena after 5 p.m.," said Quinn Jordan, complex manager. "It's really an extension of our after hours riding program."

Arrangements to use the public arena have always been rather chaotic, Jordan said, and the commission chose to organize those activities through the creation of a "club."

Although the arena is free for all to use daily from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., membership in the association entitles free use of the arena from 5 p.m. to midnight with certain restrictions. Only members will be entitled to use the arena after hours, Jordan said.

Certain disciplines get priority for each night based on schedule of events, he said. People participating in that day's discipline have until 4 p.m. to confirm their intentions and sign an after hours contract at the complex.

Should no one from that discipline reserve the complex before 4 p.m., Jordan said, participants of any discipline have until 4:30 p.m. to reserve the arena.

Under the new after hours schedule, Western Pleasure will have priority on Monday nights with timed events on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Cattle events have priority on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.

Reservations for the facility, except for events, cannot be made more than a day in advance, Jordan said.

"You can only ask to extend the hours on that day," he said. "You can't do it a day or more in advance."

Jordan said that would ensure the integrity of the after hours riding schedule and gives everyone the same opportunity to reserve the facility the night they need it.

Members of the Equine Association will be given a numbered membership card. Annual membership in the club is $25 per adult and $12.50 for youth and is valid from January to December. Memberships this year will not be prorated, he said.

"It's not enough money to really make a profit, but it does make them feel more like they're a part of this facility - that they have an investment in the success and care of this facility," Jordan said.

Members will be responsible for the facility when riding after hours. An additional charge of $60 will only be assessed if riders choose to ride after dark and turn on the lights.

"If they only want to ride until dark, they will not be charged that fee," Jordan said.

Abuse of the privileges of membership can result in an immediate revocation of membership, he said.

Visitors are allowed one free visit to determine if they wish to join the association, Jordan said.

The organization began recruiting members and "already has a half-dozen members. It's open-ended so riders can join any time."

The new members are all barrel racers, Jordan said, but he believes there will be more diversity as word of the association spreads.

Membership forms are available at Co-Lin Feed and Seed, Brookhaven Milling, Rushing Shoe Store, Farmbelt Equipment, Animal Medical Center and the Lincoln County Multi-Purpose Complex, he said.