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Concrete pads line the site where officials hope a full RV park will be in just two months. Multi-Purpose Facility Director Quinn Jordan said there are currently 39 RV slots in place, and at least 14 more will be added in future projects.

The cement is poured and the grounds are beginning to take shape for the RV park being put in adjacent to the Lincoln County Multi-Purpose Facility.

Multi-Purpose General Manager Quinn Jordan said the park, which officials hope will be finished within about two months, will feature 39 concrete RV slots, complete with water, sewer and electrical hookups. Initial plans included 53 spots, but Jordan said those 14 extras will be added on in future projects.

"The reason we did this is that when we looked at all the projects we're working on, we saw that this one had the greatest economic impact to the city and the county," he said, adding that tax dollars will be brought in not only by the cost of renting the slots, but that travelers will spend their money in local businesses.

Jordan said the multi-purpose commission also chose to undertake the RV park project because of its potential to pay for itself. It costs $575,000, with $250,000 available via a grant from the Pearl River Basin Development District.

Officials are excited about the project, Jordan said, because it allows visitors to park their RVs and stay for days.

The park will be complete with bathhouses that have men's and women's restrooms and two showers each. There are also three handicapped slots, Jordan said, with easy bathhouse access.

There are also plans to add a pavilion at some point in the future.

Jordan said there are a few immediate groups of people the RV park hopes to impact and draw to the county. The first, of course, is the demographic brought in by events at the Multi-Purpose Facility, as well as things at the neighboring Hansel King Sports Complex.

"The second group is those traveling the I-55, I-20, I-10 and Highway 84 corridors looking for a one- to two-night pull-in stay," Jordan said. "Due to the ease of our location off the interstate, and partnering with the chamber of commerce, we're looking to try to bring in some RV clubs that travel by using the multi-purpose building as an amenity to the RV park, instead of just the RV park as an amenity to the building."

The facility already hosts rodeos and livestock events, as well proms, balls, weddings and wedding receptions, family reunions and other gatherings. Multi-purpose officials said the commission aims host car shows, gun shows and other trade events at the facility in the future.

"We just want to make sure we're hitting all the areas we can," Jordan said. "The main thing here is that we want to have a facility that Lincoln and the surrounding counties can be proud of and utilize to fit each and every person's needs."

Jordan also complimented Dungan Engineering and Greenbriar for their work on the project so far, saying that the finished product will definitely be one not only worth showing off, but that will bring in the tourism.

"Once it's complete, we'll have an open house this fall so people can see it," he said. "It's important to us that the citizens of Lincoln County and our local businesses know that they continue to have a facility that is second to none in Southwest Mississippi."